What is World Hijab Day?

People around the world have been participating in World Hijab Day to show their solidarity with their Muslim family, friends, and allies around the world by wearing a hijab. 

So does someone have to be Muslim to celebrate World Hijab Day? The answer is NO. Anyone can celebrate World Hijab Day and can wear the hijab as part of their fashion, beliefs, or to make a statement. 

So many people around the world both Muslim and non-Muslims share their stories on why they wore the hijab and how it empowered them to become more in tune and in control of their life, the way they look, and how they want to present themselves. Many people feel that a hijab or even dressing modestly gives them control of the parts of their body they want to cover or show to the world.

As a modest clothing company, we become a part of their journey to modesty and are always grateful and inspired by the stories our customers and supporters share with us, whether it be buying their first hijab from us or their very first modest outfit for Ramadan, Eid, and other special occasions. Here are some of the stories our customers shared with us, and what makes World Hijab Day a day of inspiration, strength, and inclusiveness. 

zqureshi_ ..."This is my first year being a part of the hijabi community! I've only worn the hijab for about a year, but can't imagine my life without it. I wore the hijab because I knew it was a decree of Allah as a Muslim woman to observe it. I learned that this life is so short after my car accident, so I did not want to keep delaying the hijab since I believed it could bring me closer to Allah. I thought of it as a way of thanking Allah for protecting me. It's a universal symbol of modesty and being a Muslim woman."

hakeemahcmb ..."As we Muslim women in hijab continue to be powerful contributors in society, we are still plagued by false assumptions, broad stereotypes, and misinformation. We consistently represent the opposite of these stereotypes, yet have not managed to shatter those perceptions. Our message may not reach everyone, but on days like today, when we share the joy and connection we have with hijab, it can be a step in the right direction."

dandana_mua "I wore the hijab the summer before high school I was extremely nervous about it but I was accepted by my classmates, I didn't feel different or strange my friends treated me the same and I believe that's what helped me to continue to wear my hijab and grow confident in my hijab at such a young age... I feel beautiful, powerful, and confident in my hijab and I wouldn't have it any other way!"

meelahxo "...My hijab means being courageous, accepting accountability, walking in faith, and living a life of purpose; whatever it may be and you'll make the decision to take the leap of faith no matter what anyone else thinks. Alhamdullilah I'm grateful to be living in my purpose every day."

shaymaadarling "...We are all in this together. If you see a fellow Muslim woman struggling, give her some support and let her know you're there when needed. Most importantly her decision to wear it or not wear it."

noor.abdallah "...Wearing hijab is so challenging but also so so rewarding. It uplifts me and definitely has made my life more exciting. Almost every time I go to my local grocery store or Starbucks I have either a weird encounter, a loving one, or a curious one... I am so grateful for all the experiences wearing hijabs has given me - the good and the bad. Hijab has truly changed and shaped my life and I couldn't be more grateful."

glowrious.s "Describe the hijab in one word? Strength! Today hijab represents strength to me. The strength to wear my religion on my head. Strength to know that as a revert I needed strength to take the step and wear hijab. It represents how much I have grown from wearing hijab, taking my hijab off, to wearing hoodies to cover my hair, to finally wear the hijab for 8 years now."

thefalahsisters "Happy #worldhijabday so proud to stand next to all the strong women who represent our faith with such grace in face of adversity. May we always lift each other up."

sada_slay "Today is #worldhijabday and it has been 10 years since I wore it! Hijab represents my religion and my strength to the world that hijab is beautiful in so many ways. Hijab was a choice in high school and it was a life-changing choice.

ra_ra_nah "...The hijab makes me feel protected and comfortable in all spaces no matter the stares. I made it represent that safe space for me. I used to be uncomfortable with the stares I get and ignorant questions like "you're black, not Muslim, so why you have that on your head?" I used to feel so frustrated but my mom told me its part of the fight in this life. Get comfortable, make people uncomfortable with your presence if you have to because you have every right to in any space you wanna be in."

World Hijab Day means a lot to people around the world who wear it because of their faith and others who feel strength and empowerment when they do wear it. It is a day for everyone and has no limitations or restrictions based on faith. World Hijab Day to me is EVERYDAY!

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